Execution and Analysis of Irish Water


Irish Water as part of the EU-IMF bailout agreement, commenced January 2014, when its chief executive admitted that it had already spent €50m on consultants.

There’s the €180m spent establishing the company, much of which went on consultants.

This was followed by a controversy involving the organisation’s collection of PPS numbers and outrage over a proposed bonus scheme structure for its employees.

Also, no one was clear exactly how much they would have to pay.

See: http://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/irish-water-questions-answers-1.2007624

Deadlines have been continually moved.

There are suspicions it will eventually be fully privatised, although this government has vowed that will “never” happen and that it would necessitate a referendum.  See (brief explain) https://medium.com/@beyourownreason/nprf-isif-newera-ntma-4c52f09c7ff6

Free allowances of water for children was supposed to be 38,000 litres a year, but ended up at almost half that – 21,000 litres.

There is also dis-satisfaction as regards the collection of rainwater, which will require a written permission from Irish Water.

Here is a comprehensive timeline on Irish Water.


It is an austerity, troika charge.  It is the commodification of a public good. It is already paid for through progressive tax. There are very fears for of it’s Privatisation agenda.

Irish Water has become a tangible symbol of austerity and it’s imminent demise is a testament to what it’s possible to achieve through cohesive & determined opposition, but it’s just a symptom of the disease that is the IMF.

This brings on on to the other movement I am going to discuss.

Execution and Analysis of Irish Water

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