The Importance of Social Media to a Movement

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The bank debt is not a focus in the media.

Regarding the importance of social media to a movement, I also came across this aptly titled article, IRELAND DESTROYS ANOTHER €500M – headline missed last week’, from July 13th 2015, that explains a schedule of payments that are being made to EU, IMF, Trioka.

See article at;

This is also news that will be hard to come across in the main stream media. These very important stories are being told on social media though. They are impacting the public at large, from people sharing and informing each other of news that the media and government are very quiet about. Where are we getting alternate news?  Facebook/twitter are popular. Especially twitter for breaking news and trending.

See here;

There are great information blogs like;

Today,12th August, an important and concise article sums up a good measure of the times. It says,

‘While people like O’Brien and Tierney have previously been able to hide in plain sight – the former due in part to his firm grip on large portions of the national media – information about their dealings has spread mostly through social media, enlightening anyone who wants to find out more. It doesn’t take much work to join these dots, and more people than ever before are doing so’.

See at;

To finish this post, this is a great piece, found at;

from last year. It highlights how social media can bring people together, especially when being villified for attempting to stand against the narrative of the authorities and corporate media. Also, here lies ‘the press’ exposed for unasked questions, we can see for ourselves.

“If nothing else, this has proved once and for all, we do not need the press to lead or shape public opinion. In fact, independent public opinion exists in spite of media attempts to lead and shape it. The public is no longer subject to the false illusions of the establishment. The public understands that it is it’s own reality, not the one presented to it on the evening news or morning newspaper’.

Hear Hear!!

The Importance of Social Media to a Movement

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